Testing Services

At Test Voltage we care about making sure your equipment is running safely.

Whether you just need a VLF test to commission your new cables or a SFRA to ensure your Power Transformer is free of damage after a major fault, we're here to help.


At Test Voltage we have experience with a multitude of different test techniques:

  • Dielectric - DC, Power Frequency & VLF 
  • Cable Fault Location - Time Domain Reflectometry, Bridge, Arcing Fault, Impulse Method
  • Cable Tracing
  • Cable Identification
  • Partial Discharge
  • Relay Settings
  • Cross Bonding
  • Resonant Testing
  • Cable & Busbar Impedance - DC & AC
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
  • Transformer Impedance and Ratio
  • Surge Arrester leakage and breakdown
  • Temperature Rise
  • Impulse Testing
  • Meter Testing
  • Harmonics Analysis
  • Ingress Protection
  • Scheduled Gloves, Mats and Hot Line Tools Safety Testing

We are happy to work with your team to build a solution tailored to your network and staff skill levels to ensure they are working safely and within their scope while ensuring your customers get the best possible value and reliability.